The Teaching Team

Corinne Dray

Corinne Dray


Trained in the Maria Montessori pedagogy in 1978, I have applied these methods of psychological development and the enabling of individual personalities to flourish, in all the professional activities of my adult life. 

In order to help more children, I created an International School, a place of exchange and blossoming allowing all children to increase their chances of success and to prepare them for their adult and civic life.

Océane Masure

Océane Masure


Passionate about the Montessori spirit and trained in this philosophy, I am the key teacher of the school “La Vie est Belle”. Having myself experienced Montessori schooling since kindergarten, I endeavour each day to accompany the children on the path to empowerment in an environment that is both caring of themselves and others. I am aware of and follow the development of each child and support them in their learning of self-control, respect of others…


The workshops


Music workshop with Suzanne from the association petit bruit.


Sport with Jean-Marc sports coach. In summer Jean-Marc gives swimming lessons in the school’s pool.



Theater with Marie. Marie introduces children to theater and helps them to tame their emotions through role-playing.

International Exchanges

During the school year, several international teachers take turn to introduce the children to new cultures. These interns, trained as Montessori teachers, actively participate in the classroom to help the children learn.

Brent | Etats-Unis ???????? January 2020

I’m thrilled to be joining the Ecole La Vie est Belle team as a native English teacher assistant.   I recently earned my assistant teacher certification at the AMI Montessori Institute in Prague.   Born and raised in the USA/Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Business Administration, my path on a business career was interrupted in favor of a more adventurous route; pursuing travel, cultural immersion, language study and discovering volunteerism.  During this time, I got involved in many different types of projects including working with kids from impoverished neighborhoods.  As well as teaching and tutoring English.  I learned a lot about myself.  But especially that I really enjoy being around kids.  My brother and sister-in-law recognized my abilities and encouraged me to come join them and discover the rewards of Montessori teaching.  I am excited about this new opportunity to apply my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to grow, guide and contribute to this classroom.   To help the child realize their potential and contribute positively to their environment.

Some of my personal interests are travel, cultural immersion, spending time in nature,  any sport/exercise,  health and wellness, gardening and permaculture.  I would consider myself a “foodie”.  I love nutritional cooking and trying new ethnic dishes.

One of my favorite Montessori quotes:
“Joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.”
Maria Montessori

Elena | Espagne ????????

“Hi! My name is Elena. I am half American and half Spanish. I was born in the United States but have lived most of my life in Spain, so I am fortunate to be familiar with both cultures and languages. I have studied social work and have a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

I love children very much and I worked for a few years as an English teacher for young children in Madrid, and I believe that the method that Maria Montessori created for teaching is the best!  

I’ve been studying French for a few years, so I’m looking forward to coming to La Vie et Belle, and learning more about this teaching method.
See you soon!”

Meera | Inde ????????

Hi this is meera from Mumbai India. At the lvb  the  environment is thoughtfuly prepared  by Corrine and her team. The school offers an amazing outdoor environment where we can breathe and grow naturally.  Corrine is passionate and dedicated and works tirelessly to ensure that each  child gets the right material at the right time according to his or her needs. I was lucky to work  under her guidance. My  experience here  has made me a better directness. Thank you. ???? ????

Shashikala Sanjeewani | Sri Lanka ????????

I‘m Shashikala Sanjeewani from Sri Lanka.I’m really glad to work with an amazing staff and to share my knowledge, Culture and methods in Montessori with the kids. École la vie est belle is a real Practical environment for kids.It’s a lovely environment for kids to explore animals with a rich surrounding.Within a short period of time,I realized this is the perfect Montessori  where children could explore and widen their horizons in a happier environment.

Alessandra | Italie ????????

Very very very good experience!!! A warm hug to You all,


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